Image My favourite daughter had her birthday today. Yes, like David being my only son, Anna is my only daughter. And I wouldn’t swap either of them. I took some cookies and cake into the box this morning and 3 candles. (The birthday cake wasn’t big enough for one for each year.) I wasn’t sure how chocolate cake would taste at 6:15am but it wasn’t too bad, even though I say so myself.

It was a little special for me because I haven’t been able to give Anna a cake on her birthday for 13 years but now that she lives in Pittsburgh, I could. (Hence my cooking/baking practice a couple of days ago.) I love to bake and try new recipes but the trouble I have with it is that I usually end up eating my creations, so I don’t bake too often.

Everything was Paleo. I even roasted hazelnuts and then creamed them to make the filling for the big cake. And the oatmeal raisin cookies weren’t. There was no oatmeal in them. The texture was from sunflower and pumpkin seeds. I know, cavemen probably didn’t eat cookies and cake but they probably did eat the individual ingredients. The candles were supposed to be the relighting ones but Anna managed to blow them out with one blow. Not sure if the candles lose their relighting potency because I have had them for a while, or whether Anna is just full of wind. Either way, it’s OK.


So the government managed to agree to a temporary fix. And then they patted themselves on their backs for a job well done. REALLY?!!!!! And the ‘clean no frills no additions’ bill is now being shown to be a sham; there is pork spending attached to the end of it. What is it with these people? Can’t they do even one thing honestly? I really hope, come the elections, that people remember this debacle and don’t get complacent.

“The brain uses sleep to wash away the waste toxins built up during a hard day’s thinking, researchers have shown.”  One could take from this that if one suffers from insomnia, one didn’t do enough thinking during the day.

Anna is competing in a CrossFit competition along with 8 other athletes from her box, CrossFit Mt Lebanon. The competition is at R.A.W. Training in Gibsonia ( near North Park. If you are looking for something to do on Saturday, go and give her and her team a cheer. Get to see what an amazing athlete she is. And what a truly genuine person she is. Proud of you, Anna and all you do.

Thought about sharing your escapade of “being at the beach in the car in the middle of winter” but thought better of it. You might just tweak my WOD to truly crush me.    🙂  Love you.          Joanna

I have just spent another afternoon on the computer, this time re-doing the Sponsor pages on Anna’s websites. I think I have made them a little more presentable. and