ImageMade some N’Oatmeal Raisin cookies. Oatmeal Raisin cookies are my favorite but I found this Paleo recipe which is quite a good substitute. It has sunflower and pumpkin seeds rather than oatmeal. Not sure if cavemen really ate cookies but …..    🙂

Ran in the rain again today but it was much less unpleasant than last time. And it was for only 5 miles rather than 15.

At the time of writing, the Senate has passed a bill to re-open the government. I think it is on its way to the House of Representatives. There’s an misnomer, seeing as they have taken it upon themselves to represent themselves rather that us, Joe Public taxpayer.

ImageRemember when video appeared on the web and news channels of a meteor coming crashing to Earth in Russia. Well they found the biggest piece yet so far.

And finally, avez-vous un frog’s leg? : “A major archaeological dig in Wiltshire has unearthed evidence of frogs legs being eaten in Britain, 8,000 years before France, it has been claimed.”