ImageI tried to make some coconut macaroons today. I got the egg whites to stand up nicely, added the shredded coconut but then I got it wrong. I was making half quantities but had a brain fart when it came to adding the maple syrup. I added the full quantity and that did it. Way too soggy.

Then I was ironing Paul’s shirts. To keep me not totally bored when I iron, I watch some of a movie. Ages ago I bought Parental Guidance but never watched it so I thought this was a good opportunity to start. Which I duly did. Thought I would watch the last few minutes of it whilst I ate my dinner. No such luck. The DVD player’s drawer wouldn’t open. Not a major disaster but still something that went wrong.

How come the big corporations managed to get away with not paying taxes? And we have to work the first 5-6 months for the tax man before working for oneself?

“Ireland plans to shut a tax arrangement used by Apple to shelter $40bn (£25bn) from taxation.

Apple, and other firms, have been able to funnel profits into Irish subsidiaries or “ghost companies” that had no declared tax residency anywhere in the world.”

A bit of good news to finish with:

“Sister Linda Sim gave up taekwondo when she joined a convent. Years later, she’s dusted off her black belt at a Singaporean hospice to teach children recovering from cancer.”