Image… the sun came out. We got up this morning to low grey clouds and a strong northerly wind and the mooring ball was being to get uncomfortable as the swell was working its way in around the back of Gibraltar Island. Got all the way back to the marina, had lunch switched cars and I left, all with the grey skies. And it even rained a little whilst we ate lunch. During the drive home, there were on and off rain showers and low grey skies in Pittsburgh. However, apparently, not long after I left Sandusky, Paul was out on the deck polishing in brilliant sunshine. Go figure.

Before I forget: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID for tomorrow.

The Steelers won their game today – against the Jets.

After China gaining control over the US, it now looks like the British government is encouraging China to do the same in the UK.

And at least the government had the decency to work (I use that term loosely) for some of the weekend.

Safe travels to everyone traveling short or long distances.          Joanna