This is not me. But I was doing some of these today. They are squats with the bar in front of your head. As opposed to a back squat. I am learning my capabilities on this and many other maneuvers and at the moment, each week I am managing to increase my weights just a little. One of the other weight lifts I did today was a strict press. This is when you push a bar from your shoulders to overhead using just your arms; no dip and push from the legs. It is something with which I really struggle as I have (at the moment – hopefully it will change) very little overhead strength in my arms. I have just now checked my record sheet and I now realise why I found this morning’s workout soooo hard and why it took such a lot out of me. The weight I used was only 5lb under my PR. Duh me, should have checked this morning. However, I managed to maybe I have a little more strength than I give myself credit for.

The other thing I decided about CrossFit is that, for me, it truly is a voyage of discovery. It’s like going to a totally new town, or area of the country, or even a new country and having your eyes opened to all the new sights and sounds. I love challenges and this is certainly doing that. It is also helping to fulfill some of my ‘dreams’. Or helping to complete my Bucket List. Either way, it is good fun.

Haven’t got time to look for a news item. The government is still shut down; our politicians are still self-serving bastards; and the country, according to the press, is going to hell in a handbag.

All good fun. Not.     Oh and yes, I was halfway up the stairs on my way to the Land of Nod when I remembered I hadn’t posted.  Happy Friday for tomorrow.        Joanna