ImageIt was dark before we knew it and so we are spending the night at the dock. So not us but there isn’t so much noise as usual (lots of boats already hauled out so not so many people on the docks) So it should be OK.  And can’t hear too much rigging clanging.

The Pirates won so their series is tied 1-1 and their next 2 games are in Pittsburgh. Go Bucks.

The rest of the world must be laughing their little socks off. How will any other country be able to respect US calls for peace negotiations, such as between Israel and Palestine when the US government can’t even broker a peace between itself? This situation should never have been allowed to occur in the first place. What happened to forward planning? I sincerely hope that none of these jerks get re-elected come the elections.

Hurricane/tropical storm Karen is due to make landfall soon. FEMA is recalling furloughed workers to help coordinate relief but I thought they weren’t allowed to do that under the law?

ImageA picture of the Northern Lights with which to conclude. Taken on Tuesday in Montana. I would live to catch a glimpse of the Lights someday.    Joanna