ImageThey were yummy. And it is a way to get Paul to eat his greens! Spinach and ground beef muffins.

Not yummy. And what about the shooting incident in Washington DC today. It will probably never be known what was the true motive of the lady driver. My first thought was that someone had become so distressed by the non-government going on at the moment that he/she had decided to try to spur them to action. And then I thought that there were all the police and security people surrounding the car and it might have had a bomb in it. It turns out that for whatever reason, the lady driver was desperate enough to risk the life of her child too.

The Weather Channel is getting all excited because there maybe a tropical storm/hurricane coming ashore over the weekend. CNN is getting excited because the shutdown may affect disaster relief. What a state of affairs.

It is Friday tomorrow. Thank goodness.        Joanna

Oh and I had a ‘down’ moment; had to buoy myself up with a Barnes & Noble oatmeal/raisin cookie. That too was yummy.