ImageJust couldn’t resist this photo opportunity.

Here is a better one.

Image This thing is huge. And as I said, I was so excited to see The Duck. Ever since I saw a photo of it in Hong Kong Harbour. There was a continuous stream of happy people, young and old, stopping to take photos of it. I sat for a while and it made me smile and feel quite content, just watching it bob on the few wavelets going down the river. And then my feeble mind wandered. I got to thinking about the Pilsbury Doughboy and when he was ‘hi-jacked’ by the Ghost Busters’ movie. And I thought that the giant duck could actually be quite scary, especially if it became a ‘pecking duck’. That’s pecking; not pe’king.

I was also excited today because I thought I was going to watch Anna on TV on the highlights of the 2013 CrossFit Games to be screened by ESPN. Unfortunately, my feeble mind got in the way again and tricked me. The Games are on tomorrow, not tonight.

And this is all because this morning our family was ‘chatting’ and David and Anna are excited because it is birthday month for them. I said ‘another year older’; they both agreed that going from 20 to 21 was OK with them.

I got excited too this evening because David called and I had a good chat with him. I am looking forward to hopefully going to see him in his first major stage performance this Christmas. Apparently rehearsals are going well.

And I got my first hand stand push up.

Pirates are winning 3-0 @B3. Go Bucs.             Joanna