imageSitting on the foredeck this morning watching the world go by, I fell into a very contemplative mood. I wondered what else there was for me to do, apart from cleaning the boat which we did this afternoon. I was really ‘looking’ at the bigger picture rather than just our little floating home.

I watched boats go charging out of the bay, presumably on their way to Put-In-Bay. Once there, the boats’ occupants would consume as much alcohol as possible, wake up somewhere tomorrow morning and speed all the way back to their weekday lives.

I watched a sail boat drifting along going nowhere fast. He was trying to sail with no wind but he didn’t seem to mind.

And then there was the jerk on the jet ski who came past as fast as he could, creating a wake that was almost big enough to knock my cup off the table.  I assume it made him happy.

When things had quieted down again, I watched the anchor buoy we always put out just in case the anchor gets fast on a deadhead. It just lay there on the water, bobbing up and down with whatever came along and occasionally it sent out its own ripples. Not big ones, just enough to ruffle the surface.

And that’s when I realized that was my role in life. I doubt I will ever make a huge impact on the world, but I can and do send out ripples every now and then and get things/people moving. At the CrossFit box the other day, the question of the day was ‘What is/are your special talent(s)?’ At the time I couldn’t think of anything that was special to me, but today I realised that I do have one (at least I think I have). I am told I inspire and motivate people but not in an overt way. That’s why I think I am like the anchor buoy; I’m there just in case, creating just enough ripples to cause a change.

image  Joanna