I uploaded iOS7 to my phone and iPad over the weekend. Took forever and I am not sure I like it. When my phone upload was complete, all the Apps icons I had added had disappeared. Or so I thought. I couldn’t find them anywhere even though when I opened the Apps application, they were all there. Ended up going to the Apple Store. Apparently the icons were all on the next screen; didn’t swipe enough times to slide the screen across. Duh me!

The other ‘duh’ moment today was not mine but someone close. Their washing machine door lock was only working intermittently. On further investigation, it turns out that the plug (into the wall) was only half in the socket. Pushed it all the way into the wall and it now works fine. 

The America’s Cup goes for at least one more race tomorrow.

Anna and Molly begin their regatta in Marseille FRA – 49erFX World Championships. Good luck Anna and Molly.

Apparently as the state of the economy is improving, illegal immigration is on the rise again. Are all these present day illegals going to be granted amnesty and granted legal status? When does it stop?

Football is about to start; time for bed.             Joanna