ImageDo you know what this is? Yes, it’s rhubarb. When I was young (no, not when the dinosaurs roamed the earth; a little after that) we grew this in our back  yard and would pick stems for Mum to cook with apple and sugar (and a dash of sodium bicarbonate to take the edge off the juice otherwise it felt as if it would rot your teeth). Sometimes, if we were feeling brave, we (my brothers and sisters and I) would eat rhubarb raw; we would dip the end in sugar, bite, chew and then swallow, all whilst trying not to pull a sour face.  

I always considered rhubarb a fruit but according to Wikipedia it is usually considered a vegetable. However, in the US in 1947 a court ruling deemed it a fruit for regulation purposes. (

The reason it is my photo of today is that the checkout lady at the grocery store didn’t know what it was, so she asked. And it got me thinking (scary), how many times have I been in such a situation? Not necessarily at the grocery store, but where something just flummaxed me. Now that I am older and wiser (haha), I am not afraid to ask even if I think whatever it is should be really simple and everyone else already knows. It’s something I always encouraged Anna and David to ask too. I think they do.        Joanna

PS This is what rhubarb looks like with its leaves.