ImageIt was a Friday and Hurricane Ivan came visiting Pittsburgh. Apparently it dropped record rainfall/24hr on Pittsburgh of 5.95in. It brought the city and surrounding environs to their knees. Everywhere ground to a halt. If I remember rightly, it started raining in the morning with very strong winds and driving rain. On my way home from work around 2:30pm, there were already several landslides and closed roads. I had to make several detours and what was normally a 35min journey took about 90 min. By the time Paul left work, the hillside above Rte28 was just crumbling and falling on to the road below. He had just passed one area when a huge boulder and slab of mud crashed down behind him. His 30 minute journey took over 2 1/2 hours. And then he only just made it home. You’d think that living on the top of a hill would be no problem; and it wasn’t. The problem was the approach roads up the hill. These were transformed into raging torrents, on top of and underneath the roads. And as such, most of them were inaccessible. We were supposed to be leaving that evening to drive up to Put-In-Bay OH so that Paul could sail in Fall Bay Regatta. Needless to say, we didn’t go. Even if we had wanted to, we couldn’t have gone as by that time, the police had closed all the roads. Today was somewhat calmer and sunnier.

A sign that the summer is mostly over though – out running this morning I had to wear a long sleeved shirt. And I wasn’t too warm with that. Tomorrow is going to be chilly again. North in the state, there are frost advisories. Brrr.        

Good luck and best wishes continue to fly through the ethernet to David who is still trekking his way along the Appalachian Trail. Love you.



This is a link to more pics of the three rivers area of Pittsburgh after H. Ivan blew through: