Yesterday Paul was unable to get out of work early enougto for us to go to the boat  So we are still together; no fallout fittings tallying the new washing machine.  Now saving that task for next weekend.  However, it did mean that we could watch today’s racing at the America’s Cup in San Fran Bay and got to watch this near capsize.  Look carefully, there are guys clinging to the upper hull. Fortunately the boat came back down and no-one fell off the boat.  Still it was all rather scary. More racing tomorrow.

Got a couple of new jump ropes today as my other one just snapped.  

Seems like Obama’s butt has been saved. Or should I say his face. 

going to take Ab Fab on the river tomorrow and hangout outside the pirates’ game to see if we can get a ball when it is hit out of the ball park.         Joanna