ImageBefore I forget, tomorrow is Friday 13th. Be careful.

We are going to have an interesting weekend; may end in divorce. The washing machine on the boat finally gave up the ghost a few weeks ago so Paul ordered a new one which arrived today. To get the old one off the boat he had to take it to pieces and carry each piece off separately. He has measured very carefully and seems pretty sure that the new one will fit through the front window if we take the opening bit off its hinges. But like all jobs that should take 5 minutes, Murphy gets involved and it ends up taking 5 hours. The new machine is pretty heavy with all its bits attached so it is going to be a challenge to say the least.

Thoughts and prayers for all those who are caught in the bad weather, floods, etc out west in Colorado. Be safe.     Joanna

PS Splendide is the make of the washing machine.