ImageThis day 12 years ago I was substitute teaching in a class of 3rd graders. It was really tough trying to explain to them what had happened and why, especially seeing as I didn’t understand it either. The people who died will never be forgotten and the people who did it will never be forgiven.

Today, after waiting in all yesterday for the technician to come and fix our A/C and him not turning up for a couple of reasons, he eventually arrived just after 11 o’clock. He  replaced the broken bits at great expense to Paul, cranked the temp setting down and left. And so did I. The house was just about bearable with the windows and doors open so there was air flow but once I closed up the house to let the A/C do its stuff I couldn’t stand it any more. Especially after last night. It was horrible. But I now think tonight is going to be worse.

At least last night we had the fans running. Tonight we have a power outage. Yep, camping in the house. So even though we have the windows open, there isn’t enough air flow to prevent it from feeling stifling. 

Two other things today that had me wondering. One, my timing watch that I used for my triathlon at the weekend has died. Worked fine on Sunday; now it’s dead. Talk about timing! Two, my NOOK, which completely froze on me about 5 weeks ago and I and Barnes and Nobles had written off for dead, surfaced again today from the bottom of a pile of ‘stuff’. I thought I would have one more go at getting it unfrozen and pushed buttons all at the same time. Still dead. Plugged it in to charge while I was out and low and behold, when I came home it was working. Strange. Twilight zone stuff.

Power has just come back on. Yeah!       Joanna