ImageOops just realized that the little turny thing in the middle of the medal is the horse’s butt. It is a merry-go-round horse. And it revolves. Quite appropriate considering the event was Rev3.

So how did the day go? Quite well considering. Got to the site early to make sure my tyres hadn’t gone flat overnight. One of my biggest fears going into race day. But all was well. The downer was that the wind had really kicked up and the coastguard had warned of rip currents so the swim was switched to the inner, alternative course. I thought this would be a good thing and it was except I just couldn’t get comfortable with the swim conditions. I ended up taking an extra 10 min to what I had hoped for. But that’s OK.  We then had a half mile run to the bike transition area, which unfortunately wasn’t taken off the overall run distance. This made for a very long transition time but I am good at those.

The bike was fairly brutal with the wind increasing in strength during the morning. Nearly ran over a dead raccoon. Looked up just in time. And I was so glad and excited to be able to take the early turn on the course. And when I got to the point of separation between the full and half ( the full turn left for their second loop, half goes straight towards the finish) I was so excited. 

Felt good on the run though the wind was always an issue. Ended up finishing second in my age group but only just. I had stuck to my race plan all the way through the run but at mile 12 I decided that I would only walk for about 20sec rather than my full minute. As I closed in on about the final half mile I came up on a tall lady walking and she just happened to have 55 on her leg. Oh I have this one, I thought. So I continued running passed her and I heard her pick up her pace to stay with me. Being the ‘competitor’ that I am, I picked up my pace very slightly until I heard her footsteps fall away. Then I knew I had her so long as I maintained my pace.  Managed to sneak a glance at one of the final turns into the finish and saw that she was only about 20metres behind me. Decided that was a good distance for a sprint finish for her so I kicked it in to the finish (well that’s how it felt) and I managed to hold her off. Hence my second overall for age group. The lady who finished first, finished about 30 min ahead of me. No catching her this time.

so thank you Paul for indulging again in my madness. Thank you to Anna, David, Bekah and Brad for their support. Really felt today. And boy was it needed. And to all the volunteers, police, state troopers, EMS, cheerers, families and anyone else who rattled a cow bell today. We couldn’t do it without your support. And of course to Rev3! Cedar Point and Sandusky and area for virtually closing down the area so we are safe.  Thank you.  Next year?        

Going to open my other half bottle now.  Good night.      Joanna