ImageThis really isn’t a good weather forecast for my swim tomorrow. the only good thing about an onshore wind is that the last leg of the swim will be wind-assisted. Maybe do a bit of body surfing on the way in. There is an alternative swim course, on the other side of the peninsula that goes through the marina. I found out from the marina office that if that course is used, the marina will be closed to boat traffics both in and out of the marina during the swim. Phew! Because part of the swim goes right next to the docks. 

Can you tell I am nervous? I’m rambling. 

Heard a snippet of news today about the US’s biggest ally in this bomb Syria deal, France. Apparentlyntheir public opinion polls are also tasting that the people over there don’t agree with a military strike. So what’s the deal? Politicians, listen up!

Bedtime. Hope I have got everything for tomorrow.         Joanna