ImageI could have bought Prada but decided to go with Inov-8 shoes. These are going to help me at CrossFit Mt Lebanon. I was really tired today – again – and had too much weight on the bar for one of the lifts. I should have swallowed my pride and taken off a few pounds. But I didn’t and as a consequence, really sucked. I did climb the rope a couple of times; the first time up, I was climbing and climbing getting closer to the roof when I realised that my rope didn’t have a tape marker. Don’t really think I climbed further than I should have but I can try to delude myself that I did. My arms feel as though I did. Need the Liberty tunnel to re-open. The traffic coming back into town this morning was horrendous. It took over an hour to get to the Fort Pitt tunnel. Urgh!

Following on from a previous post, the one about me washing my iShuffle, yesterday was the first time I used it since its dunking. It worked fine for the first 2.5 miles and then all of a sudden, all on its own, the volume increased to its loudest setting. Nearly burst my ear drums. Whipped out my earbuds and tried to adjust the volume. Then some really weird noises vibrated their way out from the device. And there was nothing. It was dead. I have managed to charge it again but I am not holding my breath.

Today was the 50th anniversary of the “I have a dream …” speech.

The US is likely to drop some bombs on Syria. Not sure that it was have a positive outcome. In fact, I can only see a downside for that course of action.

Positive note – the swimming pool is open again at the gym. Just in time for me to do my last week of taper before my half ironman-distance tri a week on Sunday.

Going to bed …. to sleep, I hope. No storms forecasted tonight.       Joanna