Left Manchester an eternity ago, or at least that’s how it feels right now. I am almost beyond tired. Have to go to CrossFit Mt Lebanon tomorrow so must get some sleep. The photo is of Neville Island with Pittsburgh’s point in the distant haze.

We had a lay-over at Charles De Gaul, Paris, and I am glad we were there last weekend because it was pouring with rain and cold today. Had a good but long flight to Pittsburgh and all we wanted to do when we got off the plane was collect our suitcases and go home. Ha Ha! Not so fast.

It is great to fly direct to Pittsburgh, knowing that we do not have to make another connection. We cruised through immigration, collected our bags, said hi and bye to the customs guy and then BAM! we hit the TSA. Apparently, because we have to enter the “sterile zone” of the airport, ie the take off/arrival side, not the landside part of the terminal, we have to go through security. Yes the whole nine yards – shoes off, computers out, belts off, …… And if you happened to buy duty free, you would have to put it in your suitcase and re-check your bags, go through security, catch the train to the landside, wait again for the baggage claim and then go home. AAAGGGHHH! How is it possible that we have let the rules completely overshadow commonsense?

New week starts tomorrow and a short one at that.          Joanna