I am the little red dot on the top right hand corner of the trampoline on the boat. Yes, we flew the hull a few times. Oh my goodness, this was such an exhilarating experience. The race took all of 12 minutes (at the most); the countdown went, so did the start, the race was a blur and then we won! I wish I had had a GoPro video camera strapped to my helmet because I would love to watch what happened and see what I missed.

Paul and I were very lucky actually. We each sailed a race in the increasing wind and gusts. There was one more race after us with a guest on board but then it got too windy and potentially dangerous for guests and the sailors to have on board a novice that no more guests were allowed.

We drove back up to Manchester airport for our flight tomorrow. Remember yesterday the drive down took 8 hours? Today it took 3 hours! Early flight tomorrow. Home soon. Joanna