Spent quite a few hours on the road today. Dropped Paul off at his site visit and then drove north to spend a couple of quality hours with my Mum. Collected her and we drove to a small village/town, Seaton Sluice, when we lived when I was about 11mth old. We lived on a houseboat; it was a converted wartime landing craft. I just wish I could remember it but I was too young. I also learned to walk on the boat. At least that’s my excuse.

The sun came out just before I left Mum so we had a short walk on the promenade at Blyth. Then I had to head back south to meet up with Paul. We called in at York, which was busy. On the way out, there were streams of people on the sidewalk, dressed as though they had been to a wedding. There were so many of them we decided it must have been a super sized ceremony but then realized that we were approaching York race course and that the races had just finished and this was the crowd leaving.

To Cardiff tomorrow after spending a couple of hours with Paul’s parents. More time in the car. Yay! Safe travels. Joanna