Went for a run in and around and north of Bawtry this morning after Paul had gone on his site visit. I had plotted a route that would take me up around the village where we used to live before moving to the States. However, after getting lost a few times in the woods through which I was running, and having to ask for directions to actually get me on the correct track to the road I needed, and once there finding it way too narrow and busy for me to feel safe, I turned around and continued running the paths/trails through the woods. I eventually ended up at a dirt road not knowing the way back to the hotel. Fortunately there was a guy walking his dog and he set me straight. I mapped my run once I got back and found that I had run 12 miles instead of 10. I finished off with some jump rope practice, trying to get my double-unders going but was too tired so only managed a few.

Once Paul collected me, we hightailed it up the A1 to Durham. The bedroom in this hotel is slightly smaller than last night’s but the bed is half as big again. Heaven!

Had an explore of the Cathedral and looked at the castle. It was really interesting from a geographical point of view, because we have both just finished reading a series of books by Bernard Cornwell who used the site of Durham Castle as a main location in his  plots. The books were set in the late 800s early 900s so we were mentally busy clearing away all the buildings and replanting trees and vegetation.

The Lambton Worm is the north east’s version of George and the Dragon. Here are a couple of links which will help explain:

Ate too much.      Joanna