IMG_0811Left Paris this morning and are now in Bawtry, ENG, a small town just down the road from where we used to live. This is our hotel for tonight. And I have to say, I feel a little more comfortable and relaxed about our room here than the one in France. The bed isn’t any bigger but we’ll survive.

Flew Flybe airlines from Paris and oh, brought back memories of the internal flights we had in China, except they were better. When the drinks cart came around, we both asked for a cup of hot water so we could make our own tea. Apparently on Flybe, they charge for tea and coffee so they could only let us have about 1″ of hot water in a cold water plastic glass each. They only have a limited amount of hot water and they needed to conserve it for all of the cups of tea and coffee they were going to sell.

Found a little cafe in the town here that does English cream teas, so after my run tomorrow and while Paul is still on his work visit, I might just have to drop in to sample the fare. Not Paleo, I know, but it should be good.

Haven’t looked at the news in the past few days; I hope things have settled down in Egypt.

Changing the subject again, I am sure the Minions are based on the French and last night at dinner, we got a bottle of sparkling water IMG_0800 I am sure I have heard more than one Minion say this word.               Joanna