Image I lied yesterday, there were many more than a couple of thoughts. Today there are only two. There could be more, but two will do. I have been to CrossFit Mt Lebanon for three days in a row. I still can’t see any muscle definition! Maybe I need to go a few more times. 🙂

ImageI don’t know about you, but I am eating so many of Mother Nature’s candy at the moment. The cherries are so delicious. There is one thing that disappoints me just a little about them though. When we were children, it was very common to get two cherry stalks still stuck together with the cherries still attached. We used to hang them over our ears and pretend we were wearing dangly earrings. I know, weird, but we were just kids. (And this was pre-pierced ears – for us anyway.) I have found the occasional cherry which still has another stalk attach but no second cherry. Oh well. I suppose it is something to do with mechanical intervention. I am sure it is progress but kinda takes the fun out of eating cherries. Well, just a little.       Joanna