ImageLove these flowers. For some reason they make me think of Alice in Wonderland. They were in various locations along my bike ride route today.

Passed a group of people running ‘hills’ (the pedestrian ramp on the Fort Duquesne bridge from the north shore) wearing t-shirts that said ‘Running 101’. Had a brain fart and asked them if they were going to run 101 miles? They laughed and said, “No, a 5K”. Then I looked again. I think they were just starting out learning to run, hence the 101.

Watched a guy on Sunday pull up his anchor. Just as it broke the surface, the flukes of the anchor dropped downwards towards the hull. He just kept pulling. Boing. Fortunately he didn’t put a hole in his boat.

Nearly got knocked off my bike today. Was crossing the road that leads on to the Hot Metal Bridge and the woman driver coming out from by the American Eagle building wasn’t looking for cyclists. Needless to say, she learned a few choice words today.

Have done CrossFit two days in a row now. Went for a swim this afternoon. Felt every muscle around and over my shoulder blades. Good thing – at least I am using the correct muscles for swimming.

My 56 mile bike ride today wasn’t. Because I was on my tri bike, I couldn’t go on the crushed limestone trails so I did double backs on the river trails around downtown Pittsburgh until I had done enough, so I thought, to leave me a straight ride through to McKeesport and back to the car. Seems like I underestimated the distance to McKeesport. I ended up riding 64.5 miles. Good thing – it was a beautiful day.

Going to try to get some sleep now and if I manage to physically get out of bed tomorrow, I will try the next CrossFit session at CrossFit Mt Lebanon.      Joanna