Flying the blooper (or snotter as we used to call it when we were children) made for a really colourful downwind display today during Senior Bay Week. It certainly kept the crew busy. It reminded me of the old sailing ships particularly the trading ships which would put sail up in every possible space just to try to get a speed edge on their competitors.

It was windier today than yesterday and wavier. In fact last night was wavier than Friday night, and that had been quite wavy. The wind came around just enough to get a swell coming around the corner of the east end of Middle Bass Island and into School House Bay. Still, it wouldn’t have been any easier anywhere else. The Boardwalk mooring balls also suck when the wind is in that direction.

Changing the subject. There is heightened security around the world at US embassies (sp?). Apparently the NSA, through their diligent surveillance of you and me, have gleaned credible security/terrorist threats. I hope all the embassy employees are safe and that it really turns out to be a publicity stunt by the government and NSA to justify their snooping.

ImageAnd finally. If you get it wrong, or are overshadowed by someone/something bigger than you, you tend to get squirted out the back. GBR155 was actually sailing over USA 106, (they are both the same size) when along came USA126 (32ft as opposed to 24ft) and spoiled GBR155’s day.

Hope nothing spoiled your day.       Joanna

Oh, and no yellow jackets’ nest when we got home. Thank goodness.