Had a bit of a rocky night last night as the wind swung around to the NW. However it wasn’t too strong so the waves didn’t build too much and we were able to have breakfast before we had to move.

And when we did, we cruised across to watch one of the fleets sailing in Senior Bay Week at Put In Bay. Before that, I have to mention the Ohio State Parks boat that came around. They motored passed us and then came back for another look. Don’t know why but we rather got the feeling that they were just itching to come and do a ‘search’, check papers or something. But talk about being scrutinised.

Anyway, back to Bay Week. There were three different fleets that we saw. Think there may have been another one doing a round the island race. The other three were racing windward/leewards. It was good to see so many boats participating. Hope the weather holds. The wind did rather crap out at lunchtime but I rather think that it co-insides with party time.

I see in the news that Robert Mugabe won the elections in Zimbabwe again; what a surprise. I wonder how that happened.

And somebody beat Paul to paddle boarding between Cuba and the US. Paddle on. Joanna