The guy from Bee Control came very promptly this morning and did his stuff. He did comment that it was the biggest yellow jackets’ nest he has seen this year. Glad we able to oblige. I looked out a couple of times and he was be circled by some very angry insects. When he was finished he came to the back of the house because he didn’t want to give the little buggers a chance to sting him after he had removed his suit. When I left this afternoon there were still a few circling so it will be interesting to see if they start rebuilding by the time we get home. The bee man sprayed the area with something that is supposed to discourage rebuilding so we will see.

We are at anchor just to the north of Kelleys Island, tucked away in the corner. The wind is supposed to stay in the SW at least until dawn but I have my doubts. Think we might be moving during the early hours. So going to bed. Happy weekend everyone. Enjoy, chill, relax, do something to improve your health. Maybe CrossFit at CrossFit Mt Lebanon; they have two new coaches. Joanna