I have finally gone paperless with most of my bills. It has taken a while because I objected to letting yet another company into my computer with passwords etc. The latest, today, was Verizon. I did have a look at the bill because I had ‘messed’ with my plan during our time in Canada this month. On our return to the States, on 17 July, I called Verizon to cancel the Global plan I had set up for my phone etc. Fortunately I did look, because there, in black and white on my screen, was a Global plan charge for August. What?!!! So I called, and was assisted by a most helpful young lady who said she had corrected the problem and that I would see two credits on my next bill, both for $23.something. OK thanks. And hung up. Then I got to thinking. Hold on, the charge is 2 x $25.00 for the month, why am I only getting credit of 2 x $23? So I called back, needless to say, spoke with another lady, as it turns out, fortunately, because she said that the whole global charge had been charged incorrectly and she ‘corrected’ it. Now, I am not sure what she did, but she took off $70. Is it now correct? Not sure, but it is a lot better than it was. I dislike, with a passion, calling Verizon, but sometimes I just have to bite the bullet and get on with it.

Got lost on my run today. I had mapped out a 10miler from the gym to go through Schenely Park and run one of the trails and then back up through Oakland to the gym. However, I took a wrong turn, ran the wrong trail, came out on the wrong road, ended up the wrong side of Oakland and consequently, ran 11 miles instead. Some might say ‘ignorance is bliss’ but my legs didn’t/don’t agree.

I’m glad I mentioned running. Have just read an article in which it reports that Liverpool FC has banned the use of the phrase “run like a girl”. Yes, historically it has been used in a derogatory manner but I have to say, I agree with Alexandra Heminsley, author of Running Like a Girl, there is a huge number of girls like whom I wish I could run.  ( So I will continue to run, bike and swim, like a girl. Care to join me?        Joanna