ImagePassed this on my bike ride today. It was announced a couple of weeks ago, but today was the first time I had ridden past it. It is on the GAP trail just to the south east of mile marker 137. Going to take some serious clearing and stabilizing of the hillside but at least, at the moment, the path is useable. Managed a half hour swim, just over 30 mile bike and a 40 minute run. Am loosening up somewhat and my muscles are getting their memory back, I think. Might change my mind tomorrow when I try to get out of bed.


I am there.

ImageHad to share this one again. Went to see Despicable Me 2 this afternoon. I laughed my little socks off. It was brilliantly funny and very sweet. I was a little apprehensive about the showing as there were a few children in who were probably under 3 years old. But as it turned out, they were very very good. They were definitely there because their Mums wanted to see the movie. They were laughing along just as much as I was.

Haven’t been following the news for the last 4 weeks. Just looked at a few ‘news’ pages and there doesn’t seem to be much new. So I guess I didn’t miss much. World War 3 wasn’t declared. Yet.

Last day of July tomorrow. Enjoy it because on Thursday, August begins.    Joanna