ImageManaged a run this morning. Was going to run for an hour but by the time I looked at my watch, I ended up running for 70min. I have to admit, though, by the time I had driven 3hr home, I had stiffened up and I felt as though I had raced a marathon. Got some work to do. Left these buggers on the swim platform this morning.

Good journey home. Dead bugs and bird around the outside of the house, but otherwise all was OK. Opened all the windows and the musty smell soon dissipated. Collected the mail. Took me almost an hour to sort through it and almost 7/8 was junk. Almost tempts me to get a mailbox next time as I believe the Post Office doesn’t deliver junk mail to mailboxes.

My Nook has frozen again. I have taken out the battery, put it back in, put it on charge, hit it (no I haven’t really but I feel like it), pressed all the buttons together, pushed just the top one and all I get is a big fat NOTHING. It says on the screen that it is starting up but it lies.


In my dreams. I hope everyone got home safely. Got to get in a swim, bike and run tomorrow so need some sleep. Inspire yourself tomorrow.           Joanna