Last Day 2013_07_28_approach_to_cleveland_airport - 2

Said goodbye and good luck and gave a final hug to Anna yesterday evening as this morning we had to make our way to the airport to fly back east – me, back to Cleveland and Paul, to Dulles for work meetings tomorrow. It was tough sitting in the airport knowing that she was still competing but we were there in spirit and standing up, cheering, in the restaurant whilst we were having lunch, watching the first WOD of today. And then we had to get on our separate ‘planes. As soon as I touched down, on went the phone. To find out that Anna had finished a fantastic 9th overall. Amazing. And the last two WODs this evening were brutal, even more so than previous ones. Negative handstand push-ups are just not natural.

And that’s it too, for our holiday. We have had to say farewell to everyday waking up on the boat and umm’ing and ahh’ing as to whether to stay put or up anchor and to move somewhere else. Back to routine. And I have almost promised myself that I will get up and go for a run tomorrow before I drive back to Pittsburgh, seeing as I haven’t run, biked or swam any meaningful distance in over 3 weeks and I have a half-ironman distance tri in just over a month.

The rainbows were above the clouds as we made our final approach to Cleveland Airport.

Well done, Anna. I know you won’t be happy with how you ended up but I think it is amazing. Safe travels home.       Joanna