The ferry left Leamington ONT this morning in the storm. We didn’t. We rode it out at the dock which was just as well as there were 35kt wind gusts and horizontal rain. We kept a close eye on the radar and when there was a ‘window’ in the storms we let go our lines and made a hasty exit. And as it turned out, we had brilliant weather all the way back across the lake.

We did the proper thing with reporting our return back to the US as we crossed the border and I have to say, I never feel quite welcome coming home. The Canadian Border Patrol and Customs officers are always very pleasant and sound pleased that you are visiting but the US ones almost always sound as though you shouldn’t have come back. Not sure why but talk about the third degree. Today I felt as though I had been mentally molested. Still we are back and made it to Put-In-Bay in time to watch the last race of the day.

ImageEven though I have no involvement in Junior Bay Week, I still get a real kick out of watching all these sailors racing. It really is quite mind-blowing how this event has grown and congratulations to those who continue to maintain the high standard of racing. Whether or not the juniors continue to sail after they age out of this event, they all learn great lessons and skills from taking part. Good luck to them all.

Did my first ever rescue today. Paul’s swim suit blew off the back of the boat into the water and were drifting away off to the other end of Lake Erie. We realised this before they had got too far so I disengaged myself from my shorts and dived in. I had hoped that Paul was recording this for posterity on his camera, but being the gentleman he is, he was actually getting my towel for me.

Wind has just got up, clouds are rolling in. Think it might be time to batten down the hatches incase it rains/storms.  Be safe tonight.           Joanna