Day 21 2013-07-21 Put In Bay to Leamington ONT - 1

Today has always been a special, ever since I was born. Now it is a royally special day.

We did end up in Leamington ONT. We woke this morning to tiny sprinkles of rain and the radar showing a huge blob of green, yellow and red moving across Michigan and Ohio, showing potential for storms and downpours.

But we weren’t the only ones watching the weather. There were probably around 200 junior sailors just chomping at the bit to get going and not understanding quite why they weren’t allowed to leave the shore.

We hung around for a while, did a bit of paddleboarding and decided that sitting in the rain in Leamington was preferable to sitting in the rain at Put-In-Bay, so we left. And just as we were leaving, the sailors were given the all-clear to launch, and launch they did. We didn’t hang around to watch any of the sailing but I wish all the sailors good luck and learn loads.

I have spent a number of my birthdays at Junior Bay Week, only because it happened to fall during that week. And I got to celebrate them with some great people and my best friends. One time Marti T presented me with a chocolate birthday cake which she had baked, or so she told her children, in the engine as they had motored across in their boat. Another one was celebrated at the “ship house” – the bridge of a ship had been cut of the ship and placed on a headland of the island. It was called Sullivan then but it was recently sold and I think the name was changed.

And finally, this is only for those in the know: it’s my birthday, the roof is on fire, and there were red peppers in my dinner. And now the boat is rocking.  Could get messy.   Joanna

Thank you to everyone for their best birthday wishes. I have had a wonderful day – messing about on boats and paddleboards and bikes.