The little blips on the horizon are just a small portion of the fleet that started today from Port Huron to race to Mackinac Island (Bay View/Mac).

We were watching for the fleet as we came down from East Tawas to Port Sanilac today, knowing that the first start was at 11:30 or thereabouts. The last start, and there were starts every 10 min in between, was at 14:10. A lot of fleets; a lot of boats. This part of the fleet is going ‘straight’ to Mackinac whereas the rest of the fleet is sailing towards Goderich ONT to round a mark over there and then change course for Mackinac.


About 10 min after I took this photo, a squall came through and wind shifted to more on the nose; carnage. It stayed put in direction so that all the boats flying kites had to change sail and now they are all really close hauled and pounding into a building sea. And they have many more miles to go before turning the corner towards their destination. Lucky them.

So that is my ‘tested’; the sailors’ skills, patience and determination.

My ‘tried’ bit is the outcry against the Zimmerman verdict. He was acquitted by his peers, that’s you and me. The media needs to butt out and Obama needs …. As I said in my comment on F/B, he is recklessly (although I doubt it is recklessly; he is probably trying to distract us from other of his clusterfxcks that he wants to hide)  throwing fuel on a fire, which shouldn’t be burning anyway, and is tantamount to inciting a riot. Isn’t there a law against that?

Can’t finish with that so I will finish with this. My sister went to see Despicable Me 2 today and she cried so hard, with laughter. I can’t wait.

Image  Joanna