Left Harrisville literally at the crack of day. The sun was just peeking over the horizon. The weather forecast was right for once. It got windier as we went south and the waves got bigger. There were some pretty large ones – good 6ft swells. Fortunately for most of the trip to East Tawas, the waves were on the nose. The last bit, they were behind us. It was just the little bit we had to do around the point to Tawas Bay that we were across the waves. That was a little scary. The winds while we were out on the lake were getting up to 20kt and gusting higher. Once we were tied up at the dock, sustained winds came in for a while at 25+kt with gusts up to 36kt. One of the gusts was so strong, it blew someone’s dock box off the dock. One of the employees dived in and swam to rescue it.


Upon arrival at the fuel dock, my first enquiry was, Is there a coffee shop in town? Yes there is. What time does it shut? Probably around 5pm. Made sure we went for a walk earlier enough to get to the coffee shop in time. It was yummy. And enhanced by a piece of chocolate fudge and walnut brownie. Definitely not Paleo, but it was good.Image

Thunderstorms are rolling through right now but so far they have passed south and north of us. It has definitely cooled off somewhat too.

No profound thoughts today but an observation. As we walked back along the beach from the coffee shop towards the marina and passed the trailer park, there were so many chalky white people on the beach and in the water. Paul mentioned that Captain Ahab would probably think he had died and gone to heaven; not sure why.      Joanna