I hope all the ropes are labeled to make it easier when it comes to rigging at the beginning of the season.

As we made our way across the northern end of Lake Huron to Rogers City MI, out of the gloom we saw 4 tall ships emerge and as you can see by the three green triangles on the next photo (one of the ships didn’t have its AIS switched on) they were all sailing towards us.

ImageI imagined what the traders of old would have felt like if they were in the same situation except these were pirate ships. What would the trader do? Open sea, hold full of valuable cargo. After uttering words similar to “Oh Bugger”, they would probably pray. The ship in the top photo is the Peacemaker and we assume they are making the rounds after the 200th anniversary of the “Don’t give up the ship” battle on Lake Erie.

We are now back in the States and it is HOT so we are going for a swim. Bought some caveman chocolate so have to go and swim that off. Also cycled to look at the big quarry to the south of Rogers City, Calcite. It is the biggest that reports to Paul and it celebrated its 100th anniversary last year.

ImageThe rocks look like pebbles but they are really approximately 15ft boulders. The place is huge. It has been there so long that salmon come back each year to spawn in the ‘lake’ in the quarry. They swim up the drainage pumping outlet and there is even a salmon run to assist the fish up hill. And it is really good fish too.

Going to have smoked salmon for dinner. After my swim to work off my caveman chocolate.   Joanna

Have to give a shout out for the internet service at Rogers City Marina