There was virtually no wind today as we cruised to our next anchorage in Vidal Bay. Sometimes it is good to have a power boat. Listened to radio chatter of sail boats bemoaning the no-wind situation.

Think we heard a rattlesnake during our paddleboard around the bay. Don’t think they swim. Hope not. Don’t really want to find one of those sunning itself on the swim platform. And as we paddled across the mouth of the bay, we could hear birds calling from behind us and being answered by birds in other parts of the bay, almost as if they were keeping tabs on our position and were ready to take action if necessary.

The water has changed back to the translucent blue thank goodness. The peaty brown stained everything, well the anchor rope.

Think tomorrow we will be heading back into US waters – just in case the weather blows more than the forecast says. It is definitely changing; a lot more humid today.

Going to publish before the signal craps out on me again. Joanna Too late – connection lost.