Did a bit rock/island hopping today. Not literally fortunately because that would have been rather expensive. Went down Whalesback Channel and passed Berrypicker Rock which is really a weird name for the rock seeing as there is no vegetation on the island never mind berries. Out the other end of the buoyed channel, we passed Whalesback Rock and in the distance could see Turtle Rock. We tucked in behind John Island for lunch and then set off across the North Channel to the south side and Bayfield Sound. There was no wind at all until we turned left into the Sound, then it blew. But we figured it was a sea breeze; we are still anticipating it will drop for the night.
Explored the possibility of anchoring behind Ned Island but decided against that option. Went on a little further to Scott’s Bluff. Not sure what he is bluffing about but hopefully it is nothing bad.  Rather nice little cove. Deserted. There are buildings on the shore, a camp, but it seems to be unoccupied. As I said, deserted.
Fingers crossed this will go this evening. Signal is elusive.        Joanna
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