Paul was sick last night. And no, it wasn’t my cooking because we both ate the same stuff. As a result, neither of us got much sleep so today morphed into a lazy day.

When I got up this morning there was no wind. Thought I might go for a swim then looked out at the water. The surface was absolutely covered with exoskeletons of flies. They were so thick that if someone was light enough, I reckon they could have walked across them without getting their feet wet. So if all the exoskeletons were in/on the water, where were the flies? Yep, you guessed correctly – on the boat. We had been ‘flied’ again – June bugs in particular. So I read my book instead until there was movement from the aft cabin and Paul surfaced.

I went for a paddleboard for an hour and a half. So beautiful and peaceful. I did have the weirdest thought though, rather freaked me out so I tried to shut it out without much success. There are weeds growing in the waters here that are so long you can’t see the bottom. They are only one stem with little leaves all the way down/up. And as there is no current, the weeds stand/float perfectly vertical. My creepy thought was that they were like long fingers reaching up from the bowels of the earth waiting to ensnare and drag down to the depths any unsuspecting swimmer/water user. Not a very good thought to have when I have to practice open water swimming. It reminded me of the original movie/book, “The Day of the Triffords”, and also “The Matrix”; sucking the life energy out of the host to survive.

So during my swim today, I made a discovery. After the initial panic attacks I have from putting my face in the water, I found that I was ok when I couldn’t see the bottom, just murk. However as soon as I saw a weed, that was it, my chest locked up and I had to begin my calming again. Gosh, I am such a dweeb!

Went to see if I could disturb the bear cubs again but they didn’t put in an appearance. Probably just as well. Joanna

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