imageHad a Lewis and Clark moment today. We had moved from The Benjamins to an island called Hotham Island. Had to negotiate some rocky knobs to get to the anchorage but quite worth it. Launched the paddle boards and headed across to the other side of the bay. Could hear an odd plaintive wail/screech from up on the rock; thought it was a bird of some sort. However what I saw made me paddle very quickly to the other side of Paul. He paddles faster than I do so I wanted a head start. What I saw were two black bear cubs. (Look closely at the middle if the photo and you can see one of them.) As Paul was snapping the pics, I was keeping a wary eye out for Momma Bear, expecting her to jump into the lake at any time and swim after us. Fortunately she didn’t appear.

So that was part of my L&C moment. The other part was imagining coming across these waters and rocks and animals for the first time ever. Just the wildness of it all. It is actually quite humbling.

Happy birthday to Bekah for tomorrow. I think I have the correct day. Hope you are enjoying California. Joanna

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