Left the shelter of Heyward Island this morning to be greeted by gusts of over 30kts. Fortunately there wasn’t too much of a fetch of water for the waves to work up too much. And even though it was forecasted to rain, it didn’t. Or not much. We made our way to Little Current. Had to wait for the swing bridge to open. Of course we got there 40 minutes early so had to hang around waiting. The wind was blowing straight down the cut and this induces some current. The current past Little Current was not little today. Paul let the boat drift and we got up to 7kt before he put it in gear and took control again.


This is one of the channel markers approaching the swing bridge.

The wind has continued to howl all day. Actually it was so strong that it blew the snot right out of your nose. Hence the phrase “blowing like snot”.

There is a coffee shop in Little Current which serves half decent coffee. Yay. The marinas have internet. The town doesn’t have cell phone service. Quite bizarre really. But that’s OK because no-one calls me anyway.

Have to ‘fess up, had chocolate covered cranberries. And some dark chocolate. Need to go for a run tomorrow.

Haven’t missed much in the worldwide news as far as I can see. Take a deep breath and smell the roses.            Joanna