Day 7 - Bale Fine 2013-07-08 - 028

Drum roll, TaDa, It works. Yay.

We are anchored in a ‘pool’ that is surrounded by small mountains. Consequently there is no signal for Verizon or AT&T. That is OK; I’ll write my blog/comment and publish it at a later date when I can pick up a signal.

This morning when we got up the air temp was 58oF so all my good intentions of going for an early morning swim went right out the window. The water was 14 degrees warmer than the air but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

The Pool is right at the end of a fjord-like finger of water. Motoring towards the end we were in 40, 50, 60, 80 ft of water and then all of a sudden the depth would register in the single digits and one time, it said 1ft. But just as quickly as it shallowed, depth would increase again. It was a rock. A jolly big rock.

Reading the info about The Pool, it recommends that you don’t swim because The Pool is home to a giant snapping turtle (about 16” apparently) and it likes meat. Not sure if this is true or if it a “Big Foot” type of story. However, the place is extremely weedy so I wouldn’t swim anyway.  I think I would rather fight the turtle that be tickled by the weed. And other creatures to watch out for,  a bear which likes to swim in The Pool and a moose which sometimes comes down at sunset to drink.

Climbed up one of the mountains today, not all the way to the top but to Lake Topaz. The water is very blue. Apparently there was a nickel mine in the area and possibly the waste from the mine turns the water blue.

We did, however, find the blueberry bushes. We are a little early in the season so not so many were ripe, or others had already cleared the bushes but we did gather enough for breakfast tomorrow. Paul, ever the hunter, became a gatherer today. He had to if he wanted blueberries for breakfast.

There is absolutely no wind so talk about perfect reflections. It is all so peaceful and lulling me to sleep.             Joanna