Never mind the flight of the bumble bee, one of these landed, without my knowledge or permission on my left mammary gland. I just happened to brush it with my arm and then I screamed and flew 6ft (slight exaggeration) in the air. I don’t know if they bite but I wasn’t going to wait to find out. I grabbed the ‘getting rid of spider’s cobwebs’ brush and gave it a hefty flick. Those things are at least 2 inches long.

Today we left The Pool, cruised to Dreamer’s Rock and then made our way down to Heyward Island. We had thought about going to Strawberry Island but the forecast was for increasing wind from the SE and looking at the chart, that direction and S would make the anchorage at Strawberry Island rather uncomfortable. So Heyward Is it was. The approach to the anchorage here is from the north and north wasn’t in the forecast for tonight.

Again there is no signal so this will be a ‘publish when I can’ jobby.

Saw a beaver on our paddleboard trip. I decided we were quite safe because our boards are made of plastic and we all know that beavers gnaw wood.

Dinner prep is calling. Chill.     Joanna