Tobamoray to Covered Portage Cove, about 48 miles. Delightful passage; dropped the anchor in Club Harbour for lunch and then carried on passed Killarney.

The flies came in again today. There was utter carnage by the time I had used up a whole can of fly spray. Then it was time to wash the decks. Again.  We are going to have the cleanest boat in the marina by the time we get back.

So now our cruise begins proper. Am lucky to have internet this evening, probably won’t again for a few days. The only reason I have it today is that there is a tower in Killarney and we are a few rocky islands away but we can see the tower. So I will write a blog each day in Word, save it and then publish them as and when I am able.

Congrats to Andy Murray for his win at Wimbledon.

And congratulations to Kristen Anne and Nik, Mr and Mrs Seambos on their marriage yesterday.

And Happy Birthday to Debbie Capozzi for today.

Love you and miss you all.          Joanna