ImageHad a good ride up from Port Elgin today. Wind on the port quarter and so was the swell, so we hoisted the ‘snotter’ and surfed the waves. We had hoped to anchor tonight in Cove Island but the harbour is not west wind friendly so we ended up in Tobamoray for the night. At least it meant that I could post all the updates/blogs I have to at the moment without cursing at the computer, verizon and anything and everything else at which I could curse.


Went for a paddleboard around in to Big Tub Harbour and shook it up with the divers who were splashing their way around the wreck that is in there. Had visions of one of them trying to surface underneath one of the boards and that person falling off. The water is about 10F colder but soooo clear and translucent blue.

Just got back from a short walk to the coffee shop and talk about a senior moment. I asked for my normal – medium – was told that would be CAN$5.40 and handed over US$10. My change was, I thought, 2 x quarters and a 10cents which when you add that to the $5.40 gives you $6.00. So I said that I had given her $10. Yes that’s right. I have to charge 95% on the dollar (i.e., CAN$1 = US$0.95) so “I type in $9.40. I swear she said something about $9.00. So I took my money back because I wasn’t going to pay $9.00 for a cup of coffee. On reflection, however, the coins I mistook for quarters were, in fact, $2.00 coins. Being senile and befuddled, this realisation didn’t hit me until about 30 mins. And by then the moment had passed. I have just worked out how much she should have charged me at her rate of exchange and she was still overcharging me. Anyway, I got 60ft of rope instead. I am such a lucky girl.

Haven’t seen the news today, but Paul mentioned something about an aircraft crashing at San Francisco airport today. I do hope everyone is OK.

Heading further north tomorrow to Killarney and beyond into the North Channel.   Happy Sunday for tomorrow.        Joanna