ImageThis is what greeted us this morning as we left Goderich ONT. Thick fog, visibility of less than 1/4 mile, no wind, slight drizzle, cold temps, flat mirror-like water. We set course for Port Elgin, plugged it in to the chart plotter, switched on the radar and blew the foghorn for 5 sec every 2 min. Well, we didn’t blow it, there is an automatic system built into the VHF radio.

It slowly, very slowly morphed its way to this.

ImageBy this evening, the day was as clear as a bell, warm and sunny, so we docked the boat, off-loaded the bikes and rode down the road to dinner at Lord Elgins (famous for its fish and chips – not French fries which is surprising seeing as it is Canada). Except as you can see, I had fish (cod) and salad without that goopy dressing that came with it. Drizzled malt vinegar on it instead. It was all very yummy.ImageAnd then to go, we just couldn’t resist the rhubarb and strawberry pie to go. Managed to get it all but 20 yd back to the boat and then the box fell off my bike pannier and so we had rhubarb and strawberry pastry mush. Even so, it was still delicious. However, not having eaten flour/starch for such a long time, this amount all in one go has given me a stomach ache. But it was good.ImagePaul Added the blueberries.

Going for a walk on the beach now so have a great evening. Shout out for Anna, hope she has a great day tomorrow. And a shout out for David and Bekah, safe travels and enjoy your time out west. Take lots of photos.                Joanna