Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th July. We spent ours chugging away up the St Clair River and a quarter of the way up the Canadian side of Lake Huron to Goderich ONT. We have been here before, fortunately, so we knew what to expect with docking. I say fortunately because we arrived after everyone had left the office so there was no-one to give us directions/dock assignment. It is a really tiny marina really and it backs onto the salt docks of Goderich. And there are 3 ships in being loaded with salt. Still it makes a change from the coal dock at home. (Thank you Paul for the photo.)

Had a great cruise re weather but the flies got too much again and had to hide away in the cabin. Went around with the fly spray killer mid afternoon and killed loads of the buggers. Today it was mostly the black biting flies.

We called into Port Huron to get diesel. It was pretty busy and as we ‘hovered’ next to the fuel dock, some guys from Port Huron YC yelled to Paul, who didn’t hear, “Nice boat, skipper”. I said, “Thank you” and they shouted back, “Nice crew”. I said, “Thank you” again and gave them a coy smile.

And why do I love Canadian marinas? Because their wifi works brilliantly.     Joanna