Day 1

Left Put-In-Bay fairly early this morning and laid in a course for Detroit River Light.

Picked up a passenger for a little while.

Had to take my obligatory pictures of Detroit River Light, and Detroit and the Ambassador Bridge.

Day 1a   Day 1b

Day 1c

And lunch at the wheel.

It was a beautiful morning and continued to be a beautiful day until we got about ¼ of the way across Lake St Clair. Not sure if it was the effect of the severe weather about which we were being warned  or whether we were just unlucky. All of a sudden we were enveloped in a cloud of flies – teeny tiny ones, green ones, yellow ones, black ones, bigger black and biting ones, lace winged ones, ….. It was horrible. No, it was awful. It felt as though your skin was crawling. And unfortunately, I had a good signal and was trying to get Anna’s updates and email published and didn’t want to move downstairs/inside to finish it. Was worried I would lose the signal.

When I finally finished them, I ran downstairs to steer and Paul tried to hose down the boat. He spent a long time at it but didn’t seem to make much headway. Eventually he too came inside and we just prayed that they would all either DIE (our preference) or fly away by the time it was necessary for us to venture outside the cabin again, ie as we tie up in a marine.

It seems as though the former happened because when we did tie up, the boat looked as though a bomb had been dropped. It was covered and I mean covered in fly carcasses. It took another 45 minutes to hose off the boat again to get looking half respectable.  And now I am paranoid because my skin itches for no reason.

Oh and the storms that were being forecasted for Lake St Clair this afternoon didn’t materialize.

Just watched a beautiful sunset; sky is all pinky red which is a good thing for sailors. Cruising again tomorrow up to Port Sanilac, about 28 mi north of Port Huron on the west shore of Lake Huron.

Happy 4th July tomorrow. Celebrate happily and safely.          Joanna