I have been running around like a headless chicken today trying to get stuff organized for tomorrow when we leave for holiday. Maybe I should have written a list; followed Anna’s and Molly’s example.

Had to sew in new mesh for the bug screen for the boat today. Should have taken, oh say, half an hour. Ended up taking me at least 2.5 hours. I just couldn’t get the whole tension thing right, so had to keep unpicking what I had sewn. So frustrating. Eventually got it done to a standard I found acceptable. (Have to add, this is my third attempt; have already sewn in and discarded 2 other screens because the tension wasn’t correct and they didn’t sit right in the doorway.)

Anna and Molly begin sailing their second regatta in the 49erFX tomorrow. Sending them loads of good luck and best wishes.

Looks like the storms are going to the south of us. Good.

Be confident in your abilities. You can do more than that for which you give yourself credit.    Joanna